Building sustainable and progressive nature-based livelihoods

Inclusive conservation driven economies

One of the great challenges of our lifetime is balancing the need for economic development and growth with natural capital preservation. With reports highlighting the intensifying risks of climate change, population growth, over-consumption, and increasing human-made environmental disasters, the quest for better equilibrium in this regard is more urgent than ever, particularly in developing nations where much of the planet’s remaining biodiversity exists and where its citizens are unable to adapt.

Conservation Capital has a 20-year track record of designing and enabling conservation interventions that build social equity by engaging and benefiting human communities – particularly in parts of the world that have strong intersections of high natural capital value and low levels of economic empowerment and inclusion.

We balance socially equitable inclusive operating models for conservation areas that both protect the landscape and sustain its inhabitants. Working in collaboration with multidisciplinary stakeholders from local community leaders to government policy makers, and international impact investors, we design solutions for these communities that work in harmony with nature, rather than eroding it.

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