To do this, we focus on three core disciplines:

Innovative Conservation Finance: 
Designing and developing new investment financing mechanisms that galvanise diverse forms of mainstream financial capital into nature conservation
Conservation Area Business Planning:
Leveraging the power of sustainable commercial business to drive new economic and institutional resilience into some of the world’s most important but threatened natural landscapes
Engaging Mainstream Corporations:
Shaping the sustainability agendas of mainstream corporations to support their engagement in properly aligned biodiversity and related climate interventions.

We also develop the legal, corporate, partnership, governance and value chain optimisation structures to enable these interventions.

We are very execution-driven and are constantly building our understanding of what works (and does not) within the practical realities of the complex frontier contexts in which we operate. Over 20 years we have worked in more than 40 countries across four continents, helping raise and structure hundreds of millions of dollars of new investments into conservation. These investments now generate significant revenues into a range of progressive conservation projects and businesses. In turn, our projects employ tens of thousands of local people and sustain more equitable supply and distribution chains. The result produces long-term incentives for supporting the conservation of millions of acres of critical naturally functioning ecosystems and the positive biodiversity and climate impacts they sustain.

Project Locations